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1-Refilling King

Inspection & Maintenance

Refilling of Fire Extinguishers (DCP, Co2, Water, AFFF- aqueous film-forming foam etc.)

Key features: Doorstep Services, Inspection, SLA, After Sale Service, Engineering works

2-Fire Extinguishers

All Type of New Fire Extinguishers (portable, Trolleys) Available

DCP, Co2, Water, AFFF, Halotron, Wet Chemical

Key features: Products, After Sale Service, Refilling facility

3-CCTV System

Camera (Dome, Bullet, IP etc), DVR, video management software, 

Key features: Products, Installation, SLA, After Sale Service

4-Fire Alarm System

Smoke detector, Heat detector, Gas Detector, Flame detector, MCP, Sounders / Bell, FACP-Control Panel

Conventional System, Addressable System

Key features: Products, Installation, SLA

5-Fire Hydrant System

Fire Hose, Hose Reel, Hydrant, Pumps-Electric+Jockey+Diesel, Fire Hose Cabin 

Key features: Products, Installation, SLA

6-Fire Suppression System

Kitchen Hood System, FM-200 System, Co2 System

Key features: Products, Installation, SLA

7-PPEs-personal protective equipment / Safety Items

Apron, Air Humidity, Fire Balls, barrier stand, Beam Lights, Fire Bell, Fire Blanket, Industrial Boots, Breathing Apparatus (SCBA), Buckets with Stand, Safety Cabins, Dungarees, Emergency Doors, Emergency Lights, Evacuator Chair, Exit Lights, Eye Wash and shower, Face Mask, Face Shield, Fall Arrester, First Aid Box, Gloves, Goggles Spectacles, Glasses, Harness, Helmets, Safety Jackets, Metal detector, Industrial Mirror, Motor Siren Hooter Sounders, Oxi-meter, Rain coat-over coat-overall, Safety Shoes, Speed Breaker, Spill kit, Fire Suit, Tape (Anti slip, barrication ), Uniform, Walk Through Gate and others

Key features: Products, Doorstep supply

8-Safety Signs

Badges, Exit & Entrance Signs, Fire Equipments, Glow in the dark signs, Informational Signs, Mandatory, Packaging Labels, Pipeline, Prohibition, Safe Conditions, Warning

Key features: Standard Printing, Customized printing, Printing Material (PVC, Acrylic, Stickers, Lables etc), Installation

9-Fire & Safety Audit

Be Safe is Unique to offer in Fire & Safety Audits All kind of Factories and Industries invite us before or after incident. We provide complete report regarding Fire Alarm System, Fire Hydrant System, Fire Suppression System, Industrial Fire and Safety Inspection.

10-Fire & Safety Consultancy

Be Safe Provide Industrial fire and safety consultancy by our professional HSE Experts.

11-Fire & Safety Training

Be Safe provides training to our manufacturing units to built a safe environment.

-Fire Fighting Training

-PPEs Industrial Usage

-CPR / First Aid

-Advance Fire and Safety Training